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FRF is a non-profit religious and charitable organization that was formed in 2007 by a broad coalition of social, religious and academic leaders. We are a non-sectarian, non-partisan organization and arenot affiliated with any political party. FRF is registered in the State of New York.


Forum for Religious Freedom (FRF) supports the separation of religion and state and advocates pluralism worldwide. FRF draws its inspiration and respect for all religious traditions from the pluralistic ethos of Hinduism and other Dharma traditions. FRF is endorsed by the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha (http://www.acharyasabha.org), the apex, non-denominational, unifying body that provides leadership, guidance and a collective voice for the Hindus. 


The objectives of FRF are to:

(a) Protect and promote thereligious rights of indigenous religious traditions around the world,

    -       Develop Hindu Identity Seminar Kit for Temples here and abroad-  Minimum Knowledge for being a Hindu,

    -       Develop portal devoted to Hindu Templeoperational and governance issues,

(b) Preserve, protect, and promote oral and written scriptural, religious and other knowledge traditions of Hinduism and other Dharma traditions, as well as the cultural and religious heritage of Hindu temples,

(d) Working with other Dharmic groups, bring out discrimination and defamation against Hinduism and other Dharma traditions, through legal, media, and public awareness, and

(e) Mobilize and disburse financial and other resources for the objectives listed above.

Forum for Religious Freedom is a non-profit corporation approved under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Revenue code. Donations are fully tax deductible. Our tax exempt status is retroactive to our date of incorporation (March 15, 2007).